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G-Toilet 4.0: Unveiling the Formidable Titan Upgrade

Meet G-Toilet 4.0, the latest antagonist in the Skibidi Toilet series and the fourth iteration of the powerful G-Toilet lineage. Dive into the evolution of this character, its appearance, abilities, and its crucial role in recent episodes.

Evolution of G-Toilet


  1. G-Man Toilet
  2. G-Toilet 2.0
  3. G-Toilet 3.0
  4. G-Toilet (Clone)


  • G Toilet
  • G-toilet 4.0
  • G-Man Toilet 4.0


G-Toilet 4.0’s appearance sets it apart from its predecessors.

G-Toilet 4.0's appearance sets it apart from its predecessors

With a shabby face and sunglasses, it sports a yellow core similar to Titans, earning it the moniker “Titanic Toilet.” Equipped with numerous lasers, two cannons, rocket cells, and a powerful torpedo (jetpack), G-Toilet 4.0 boasts enhanced defensive and offensive capabilities.


Debuting in Episode 67 (Part 2), G-Toilet 4.0 reemerges after a brief hiatus, bringing with it a host of upgrades. Its sudden appearance proves pivotal as it intervenes in the battle between Titan CameraMan 2.0 and Scientist Skibidi Toilet 2.0.

The antagonist fires lasers, incapacitating Titan CameraMan, and later plays a role in thwarting Titan-Camera’s suicide attempt.

In Episode 67 (Part 3), G-Toilet 4.0 showcases its agility by fleeing using torpedoes upon witnessing Titan TVMen 2.0’s teleportation. Episode 69 offers a glimpse of its strategic meetings with other Skibidiists at Alpha-Hills Laboratory.


G-Toilet 4.0 excels in combat with eight laser units, capable of obliterating enemies. Protected by armor and sunglasses, it exhibits formidable defensive capabilities.

Surprisingly, no headphones are present. Flight is achieved using a jetpack, making G-Toilet 4.0 a highly formidable opponent.

Brief Chronology

  • Episode 67 Part 2: Arrival and observation. ✅ Alive.
  • Episode 67 Part 3: Escapes upon Titan TVMen 2.0’s teleportation. ✅ Alive.
  • Episode 69 (Extra Scene): Located in Alpha-Hills Laboratory, participating in discussions.

G-Toilet 4.0 excels in combat with eight laser units

Facts and Theories

  • Fastest upgrade time among Titans, second only to Titan TVMen.
  • Unique with a Titan-like core.
  • Speculation suggests a potential demise in Episode 71.

G-Toilet 4.0 emerges as a complex and powerful figure, weaving seamlessly into the intricate storyline of the Skibidi Toilet series.

As the plot unfolds, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the character’s fate and the impact of its strategic decisions on the Skibidi saga.