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Play Skibidi Toilets: Infection Online

If you’re a fan of unique and quirky online games, “Skibidi Toilets: Infection” is a title that should definitely be on your radar. This game offers an exciting and hilarious take on the meme culture, turning your everyday restroom fixtures into the main antagonists of the story. Developed by BORNIS GameLab and released in August 2023, this browser-based game is a fresh addition to the world of online gaming.

In “Skibidi Toilets: Infection,” players assume the role of a mysterious Cameraman Agent.

Your mission? To rid the world of the menacing Skibidi Toilet monsters. These nefarious toilets are no ordinary porcelain fixtures; they are infected with parasites, and it’s up to you to cleanse them. Armed with your trusty anti-parasite gun, you embark on an action-packed journey to flush away these malevolent lavatories and save your fellow Cameramen.

Game Modes

“Skibidi Toilets: Infection” offers various game modes to keep you engaged and entertained. You can dive into the classic version of the game, where you flush away Skibidi Toilets and cure your colleagues from parasitic infections.

Features Galore

The game boasts several exciting features, including:

  • Various Skibidi Toilets to eliminate: Each toilet presents a different challenge, ensuring that the gameplay remains engaging and dynamic.
  • Cure your fellow camera heads: Your colleagues are counting on you to save them from parasitic infections. Your quick and skillful gameplay is their lifeline.
  • More challenges as you progress: As you advance through the levels, the game becomes progressively challenging, requiring strategic thinking and quick reflexes to succeed.
  • Many levels to explore: “Skibidi Toilets: Infection” offers a wide variety of levels to keep you entertained. You’ll have plenty of content to explore and conquer.


To succeed in your mission, familiarize yourself with the controls:

  • WASD = move
  • Shift = run
  • Left-click = flush toilet / shoot
  • Tab = Pause

These controls are easy to grasp, allowing you to jump right into the quirky world of Skibidi Toilets.

If you’re up for the challenge, grab your anti-parasite gun, round up your fellow agents, and get ready for some intense action as you flush away those nefarious Skibidi Toilets!

FAQ about the Skibidi Toilets: Infection online game

You can play it on your browser, whether on a desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Yes, you can enjoy various game modes, such as "You vs 100 Skibidi Toilets" for added challenges.

It was developed by BORNIS GameLab and was released in August 2023.

Teamwork is essential; you must approach fellow agents to help each other survive and succeed in the game.

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