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Skibidi Toilet – Season 22 (All Episodes: 66, 67, 68)

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of “Toilet Skibidi,” where each episode promises to be a roller coaster ride with unexpected twists and turns.

On this page, we’ll showcase all three episodes of Season 22 and introduce you to the exciting speculation, strange events, and unusual characters that continue to captivate viewers.

Skibidi Toilet 66 – Anniversary Episode

Skibidi Toilet 66, the first episode of Season 22, released on October 19th, 2023, has taken fans by storm. This action-packed installment of the series has set new records, being the longest episode to date, clocking in at 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

Skibidi Toilet 66 (part 1)

It also marks the first time an episode has exceeded the 3-minute mark, surpassing the previous longest episode, Skibidi Toilet 57, which was 2 minutes and 43 seconds long.

The Battle Begins

The episode starts in the midst of an intense battle between the Alliance and the formidable Skibidi Toilets, near a Skibidi Toilet base. The Alliance is desperately trying to fend off the relentless Toilet forces. The Camera Attack Helicopter arrives on the scene, but its attempt to provide air support is short-lived as it is shot down by a Duplex Airstrike Skibidi Toilet.

The Alliance’s Last Stand

The episode features an array of characters on the Alliance side, each with their unique abilities and weaponry. The POV-Cameraman plays a central role, using a Paralyzer Laser Rifle to record the chaotic battle. He is joined by several Normal Cameramen who go berserk in the heat of the battle. One of them hides in a Medium Skibidi Toilet while another shoots Skibidi Toilets with a Paralyzer Laser Rifle before going berserk. Large Cameramen enter the fray, with some wielding Rocket Launchers and others leaving their Rocket Launchers behind to engage the Toilets directly. Tragically, one of them accidentally shoots himself during the chaos.

The Unleashing of Fury

As the battle intensifies, The Alliance’s forces enter a state of fury, dropping their weapons and charging at the Skibidi Toilet units with their bare hands. The POV-Cameraman, armed with a knife given by the Secret Agent, engages in hand-to-hand combat with a Jetpack Skibidi Toilet. Meanwhile, other Cameramen and Speakermen join the frenzy, taking on Skibidi Toilets in close combat.

Defeating the Skibidi Toilets

The Black Speakerwoman plays a crucial role in this battle, brutally killing the Dual Launcher Buzzsaw Camo Toilet with her knives, aided by Knife Speakerman. The Plungerman enters the battlefield and takes down the Dual Laser Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet with the Glitchmobile, while TV Men and TV Women unleash their power on the Skibidi Toilet forces.

Skibidi Toilet 66 (part 2)

The Alliance Retreats

Despite their valiant efforts, The Alliance realizes that they are overwhelmed, and the Skibidi Toilet reinforcements are too much to handle. They retreat into a container, and the Large TV Man prepares to teleport them to safety. However, one Large Cameraman doesn’t make it and is killed by the Buzzsaw Mutant Skibidi Toilet.

The Mysterious Ending

The episode ends with a mysterious and ominous scene, where a bright white light is seen, and a deep voice can be heard saying, “All toilets will die.” This leaves fans speculating about what’s to come in the next episodes.

Skibidi Toilet 66 (part 3)

Theories and Speculations

There are several theories circulating among fans about the events in Skibidi Toilet 66. Some suggest that the photo of the Titans being defeated was fabricated to demoralize The Alliance. Others believe that the Titans may not be dead but merely captured by the Skibidi Toilets.


  • This episode features the first appearance of Scientist TV Man and reveals that the Secret Agent is working with the Alliance.
  • The bright light at the end is speculated to be Upgraded Titan TV Man, saying “Miss me?” or “Just Wait.”
  • The episode took almost half a month to be released, making it one of the longest waiting times for a Skibidi Toilet episode.

Skibidi Toilet 66 is an action-packed and intense episode that has left fans eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series. The mysteries and cliffhangers have added to the excitement, making Season 22 one of the most memorable yet.

Skibidi Toilet 67 – An Explosive Showdown

In a world filled with unexpected twists and bizarre adversaries, “Skibidi Toilet 67” takes us on an adrenaline-pumping journey as we follow the POV-Cameraman, riding in an Armored Camera Van accompanied by a Large Cameraman and a Normal Cameraman. Little do they know that their adventure is about to take a dramatic and action-packed turn.

The trio barrels down the road, their cameras at the ready. As they pass by, their attention is drawn to two Cameramen fleeing from an unseen threat. It’s clear that danger is afoot, and their instincts kick into high gear. Before they know it, two Gun Skibidi Toilets emerge, ready for a skirmish.

Without hesitation, the POV-Cameraman takes control, unleashing a barrage of rockets from its dual Rocket Launchers, decimating the Gun Skibidi Toilets in a spectacular display of firepower. The immediate threat is neutralized, but more challenges lie ahead.

Skibidi Toilet 67 (part 1)

Skibidi Toilet 67 (part 2)

Skibidi Toilet 67 (part 3)

Skibidi Toilet 67 (part 4)

Aerial Assault

As they press on towards their unknown destination, the skies above darken, and a menacing figure soars towards them. It’s the Jetpack Nailgun Police Skibidi Toilet, armed to the teeth. In a lightning-fast exchange, the Cameramen’s fortunes take a nosedive as the Jetpack Nailgun Police Skibidi Toilet lands a precise shot, injuring the Large Cameraman.

However, the Large Cameraman doesn’t back down. With steely determination, he retaliates, delivering a shot that takes down the Jetpack Nailgun Police Skibidi Toilet. The wounded Cameraman presses on, understanding that there’s no room for retreat in this bizarre and perilous world.

Unseen Allies

As they advance, the unexpected happens. The POV-Cameraman and the Large Cameraman disembark, not knowing what awaits them around the corner. In an unexpected twist, the Large Cameraman eliminates the lurking Jetpack Nailgun Police Skibidi Toilet, securing their position and reinforcing their determination.

However, as the dust settles, a new adversary emerges from a sinister cloud of darkness. The Upgraded Mafia Skibidi Toilet, armed with a lethal acid gun, proves to be an even greater challenge. The acid’s deadly spray engulfs the Large Cameraman, leaving no room for survival.

A Mysterious Savior

In the midst of despair, a surprising turn of events takes place. A mysterious force intervenes, hurling a projectile that forces the Upgraded Mafia Skibidi Toilet to dodge. The table has turned, and the momentum has shifted.

With a twist in the plot, the Titan Speakerman makes a heroic entrance, stabbing the Jetpack Hexa-Launcher Skibidi Toilet in the head with a knife. It’s a testament to the unpredictable nature of “Skibidi Toilet 67,” where allies can appear when you least expect them.

Skibidi Toilet 68 – Union and unusual toilets

Skibidi Toilet 68 (part 1)

Skibidi Toilet 68 is the third episode of Season 22 and introduces us to an intriguing alliance. The alliance consists of several interesting characters including the Normal Operator x7, the Television Operator x2, the Television Woman x1, the Modernised Big Television Operator x1, the Modernised Big Speaker x3, the Modernised Titanium Speaker x1 and the Modernised Cinematographer x1.

Skibidi Toilet 68 (part 2)

On the other hand, the toilets are equally interesting, featuring the Skibidi Toilet Goggles x16, Skibidi Toilet Dog x3, Double Buzzsaw Mutant Skibidi Toilet x2 and G-Toilet 4.0 x1. What surprises and ridiculousness these toilets will bring to the storyline is not yet known.

One thing is certain for season 22 of Skibidi Toilet: viewers are in for a surreal and exciting ride. With characters such as Titan TVMan, VantuzMan and a host of bizarre toilets, expect the unexpected and enjoy the laughter and chaos that this unique series continues to provide. Stay tuned for updates and new discoveries in the world of Skibidi’s Toilet.

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