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Skibidi Toilet Items, Weapons, Gear, and Equipment Guide

Within the Skibidi Toilet series, a wide range of unique weapons, equipment, and combat gear are used by characters to face different challenges and adversaries.

This article delves into the intricacies of these items, providing a detailed overview of the arsenal utilized throughout the Skibidi Toilet universe.


Abrams Tank

In the ongoing battle against the Skibidi Parasite, military assets such as the Abrams Tank play a crucial support role. Making its first appearance in Skibidi Toilet 5, the Abrams Tank has featured prominently in the series.

I. Appearances and Role

A. Skibidi Toilet 5

The Abrams Tank debuted in Skibidi Toilet 5, where it was seen moving and aiming towards the Giant Flying Spawner Skibidi Toilet. Assisted by the Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge, the tank showcased its potential on this battlefield.

B. Skibidi Toilet 43 and 44

In episodes 43 and 44, the Abrams Tank appeared again, this time as a wreck. It is presumed that, after the Cameramen took control, these tanks became part of their arsenal.

C. Destruction by Skibidi Toilets

Despite its formidable presence, the Abrams Tank was ultimately destroyed by the Skibidi Toilets, exposing the limits of conventional weaponry in the face of these adversaries.

II. Speculation

A. Ineffectiveness of Conventional Weapons

Given the tactics employed by the Cameramen, it seems that conventional weapons may be largely ineffective against the Skibidi Toilets. The abundance of firearms in the world implies that anything less than extremely large weapons or explosives, such as large caliber autocannons, anti-armor rocket launchers, or heavy machine guns, would fail to damage even the most basic Skibidi Toilet.

B. Armor Inadequacy

A notable absence in the Abrams Tank's performance is its lack of effective armor. Since the Skibidi Toilets mostly engage in either close-quarter combat using sharp objects or deploy massive energy weapons and rocket launchers, the heavy armor arrays of the M1 Abrams may provide little protection in this context. The tank's armor would either be overmatched by the Skibidi Toilets or entirely unnecessary, leaving it vulnerable in both instances.

III. Trivia

The Abrams Tank featured in the Skibidi Toilet series is representative of the real-life M1 Abrams, an advanced American Main Battle Tank renowned for its power and performance.

Anti-Aircraft Turret

In the battle against the Skibidi Parasite, advanced technology plays a crucial role in defending against the never-ending threat. One such device is the Anti-Aircraft Turret, a powerful weapon designed specifically for combating airborne enemies.

I. Capabilities

A. Weapon Characteristics

The Anti-Aircraft Turret is a large, fixed-position directed energy weapon utilized for destroying aircraft. Though primarily designed for airborne threats, it is presumed to be capable of targeting ground-based actors as well. Operated either by a crew of Cameramen or remotely, the turret excels in power, with the ability to destroy Helicopter Skibidi Toilets in a single shot. This, however, comes at the expense of fire rate.

B. Strategic Deployment

Considering the lack of other turrets around the Hidden Laboratory and the sporadic nature of attacks, it's likely that the Anti-Aircraft Turret was deployed as a means to destroy lone patrols, rather than a primary weapon. Alternatively, the turret may be resource and power-intensive to construct and operate; hence its limited usage.

II. Appearances

In Episode 50, an Anti-Aircraft Turret is seen mounted atop the Hidden Laboratory's roof. A Helicopter Skibidi Toilet fires a rocket at the turret, misses, and is subsequently destroyed by the turret's laser. Shortly after, another Helicopter Skibidi Toilet fires a rocket at the turret, successfully destroying it.

III. Trivia

A. Similar Technologies

The laser fired by the Anti-Aircraft Turret bears a resemblance to both the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler Laser Tank and the Orbital Camera. Notably, however, the turret's beam can damage regular Skibidi Toilets, unlike the Parasite Disabler Gun and its tank counterpart, which are limited to destroying Parasitic Skibidi Toilets.

B. TV Man Integration

Interestingly, the head of a TV Man is attached to the Anti-Aircraft Turret. The purpose of this integration remains unclear; it could be intended to harness the TV Man's standard abilities or to serve another, yet unknown, purpose.

Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge

In military operations, maintaining mobility is critical for overcoming engineering and logistical challenges in various environments. The Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge (AVLB) plays a significant role in these situations, providing a safe and reliable bridge over impassable terrain or damaged bridges.

I. Purpose

The AVLB serves as a critical tactical asset, allowing for the rapid deployment of bridges across gaps, rivers, and damaged infrastructure. This bridging capability enables the efficient movement of combat vehicles and infantry in situations where conventional movement is otherwise impossible or hazardous.

II. Capabilities

A. Bridge Deployment

The M1074 Joint Assault Bridge System features a clamshell folded scissor bridge, which can be quickly extended to bridge large gaps or replace destroyed bridges. This level of adaptability provides troops with secure and reliable transit across challenging environments.

B. Armor and Protection

Despite being unarmed, the M1074 retains the heavy composite armor plating found on the M1 Abrams. This extra level of protection ensures the vehicle can effectively assist and support offensive and defensive operations in front line engagements, where enemy fire is likely.

III. Features

A. Chassis System

The M1074 Joint Assault Bridge System is built on the M1 Abrams chassis, a robust and reliable platform that guarantees dependability in various terrain and weather conditions. This highly-mobile chassis enhances the performance of the AVLB, allowing it to keep pace with other combat vehicles.

B. Versatility

The AVLB's design provides versatility in fulfilling multiple mission requirements. Military planners of various countries can incorporate the AVLB into different operational scenarios, thanks to its inherent adaptability, thereby enhancing overall battlefield mobility.



In the realm of Skibidi Toilet, various ingenious devices are employed to counter the ever-present threat of the Skibidi Toilets. One such item is the BABA BOOEY Button, a remote control detonator with a pop culture reference and a significant impact in Skibidi Toilet 15.

I. Functionality

A. Remote Detonation

The BABA BOOEY Button serves as a remote detonator for propane barrels in Skibidi Toilet 15. The POV-Cameraman uses the device to lure a large group of Skibidi Toilets into a trap, where wrecked vehicles are strategically placed to hide the propane tanks and create deadly shrapnel upon detonation.

B. Explosive Power

Upon activating the BABA BOOEY Button, the propane barrels explode with such ferocity that multiple Skibidi Toilets are destroyed instantaneously. Although not explicitly depicted, it is presumed that the device could also be used to detonate other explosives remotely.

II. Trivia

A. An Alliance First

The BABA BOOEY Button holds the distinction of being the first remote control device created by The Alliance to battle against the Skibidi Toilets, showcasing their innovative tactics and inventive problem-solving capabilities.

B. Pop Culture Origins

The name "BABA BOOEY" on the button is a reference to the 1990 catchphrase meme "BABA BOOEY," which gained popularity as a verbal prank often shouted during moments of high tension and live TV broadcasts. The origin of the catchphrase can be traced back to Gary Dell'Abate, the executive producer of The Howard Stern Show, who misstated the name of the cartoon character Baba Looey. The phrase rapidly spread throughout the show's cast and eventually entered popular culture at large.


Throughout the Skibidi Toilet series, a variety of intriguing items play critical roles. One such item is the Ballistic Shield, first introduced in Episode 20, and later featuring in Skibidi Toilet 57 Part 1.

I. Usage and Destruction

A. Episode 20

In its debut appearance, the Ballistic Shield was employed by the Titan Cameraman to defend against G-Man Skibidi Toilet's Eye Laser Attack. This defensive tool proved invaluable in withstanding the powerful assault from this formidable foe.

B. Team Effort

Despite the Ballistic Shield's effectiveness, in Episode 20, it succumbed to the destructive power of the combined efforts of G-Man Skibidi Toilet and Giant Rocket Skibidi Toilet. Such a turn of events emphasized the relentless force of these powerful adversaries.

II. The Shield's Legacy

A. Skibidi Toilet 57 Part 1

The remnants of the Ballistic Shield reemerged in Skibidi Toilet 57 Part 1, where the Upgraded Titan Cameraman used them to defend against the devastating Laser Cannon Attacks unleashed by Upgraded Infected Titan Speakerman. This adaptability exemplified the show's key theme of survival in the face of adversity.

III. Trivia

A. Season 6 All-Episodes Shield Design

In the compilation video of Season 6, the Titan Cameraman appears with an upgraded version of the Ballistic Shield. This enhanced design features the Titan Cameraman Logo on the front and boasts a more advanced overall design, serving as a testament to the continual evolution of the series and its focus on compelling visuals.

Black Helicopter Speaker

The Skibidi Toilet series features numerous inventive and powerful items that serve a wide range of purposes. The Black Helicopter Speaker is one such item, a variant of the Helicopter Speaker that plays a key role in upgrading Titan TV Man.

I. Function and Demise

A. Enhancing Titan TV Man

The primary purpose of the Black Helicopter Speaker is to upgrade Titan TV Man, empowering the character with the ability to shatter enemy glasses using a combination of sound waves and hypnosis. This formidable weapon amplified Titan TV Man's power, making the character even more lethal and effective in combat.

B. Disappearance from the Series

In Episode 47, the Black Helicopter Speaker met its end when the Flying Dual Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet sawed them off the Titan. The speaker's absence in the series since then heightens the stakes and reinforces the notion that no weapon or character is immune to destruction or change.

II. Trivia

A. Standby Usage

The Black Helicopter Speaker primarily remained on standby, only attaching to Titan TV Man when a Giant Rocket Launcher Glass Skibidi Toilet appeared. This selective deployment underscores the strategic nature of its use in the series.

B. Similar Design to Strider Speaker

The Black Helicopter Speaker shares an extremely similar design with the Strider Speaker, indicating a possible relationship between the two devices. However, one notable difference is the absence of legs on the Black Helicopter Speaker.

C. Mysterious Malfunction in Episode 46

In Episode 46, the blades of the Black Helicopter Speaker unexpectedly fell off for unknown reasons, adding an air of intrigue and reinforcing the idea that items and characters are susceptible to unexpected setbacks.


Camera Mech

The Skibidi Toilet series showcases a diverse and imaginative array of items and weaponry that captivate the audience. One such fascinating item is the Camera Mech, a mechanically powered exoskeleton developed by The Alliance and employed to support their operatives in battle.

I. Design and Appearance

A. Episode 54 Debut

The bipedal Camera Mech makes its first appearance in Episode 54, featuring an exposed cockpit with controls jutting out from its abdomen area. The mech suit has a distinct device atop it, resembling either a speaker encased in protective armor or a projector, similar to the design of the Cameraman Dropship.

B. Weapons and Capabilities

The Camera Mech's arms come equipped with an array of weapons and devices, including the Parasite Disabler Gun, a Toilet Paralyzer Laser, and several unidentified components. Primarily serving as a support unit, the Camera Mech excels at disabling Skibidi Toilets and curing infected allies, rather than engaging in offensive combat.

II. Armament Details

A. Upper Right Arm

This arm features a specialized device that fires paralyzing darts, used to neutralize the Glitch Skibidi Toilet in a pivotal moment. It incorporates a striking square imprint that emits blue light and a circular blue light at the magazine center.

B. Bottom Right Arm

An unknown firearm resembling the Pulse Rifle from Half-Life 2 is mounted on this arm. Its functionality remains a mystery, but it may share similarities with the standard Pulse Rifle.

C. Top Right Arm: Parasite Disabler Gun (PDG)

The PDG is attached to the suit's upper left arm, primarily used to cure infected allies in combat.

D. Bottom Left Arm: Toilet Paralyzer Laser

Designed to stun and immobilize Skibidi Toilets, this laser attachment enhances the mech's ability to subdue enemies with ease.

E. Top Left Arm: Unknown Device

An unexplained device on this arm bears a striking resemblance to a sci-fi welder. Potential functions include repairing injured allies or potentially firing stun darts like the Stun Gun used against the Glitch Skibidi Toilet.

III. Theory: The Scientist Cameraman Connection

A popular theory speculates that the Scientist Cameraman who pilots the Camera Mech in Episode 54 could be the same individual from Episode 48. This theory arises due to the missing lower half of the Scientist Cameraman, presumably resulting from an injury inflicted by the Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet.

Camera RoverThe Skibidi Toilet series introduces various unique and innovative items throughout its episodes that captivate fans and enrich the narrative. One such unusual object is the Camera Rover, which appears exclusively in Episode 27 alongside the Brown Skibidi Toilet.

I. Design and Appearance

A. Compact Reconnaissance Device

The Camera Rover is a small, mobile reconnaissance unit designed for spying and covert surveillance. Its compact design combines a camera mounted on a remote-control car chassis, making it an agile and unassuming tool for tracking enemy movement.

B. Half-Life 2 APC Inspiration

Interestingly, the vehicle chassis of the Camera Rover resembles the APC from the popular video game, Half-Life 2, demonstrating a creative integration of elements from various sources.

II. Role in Episode 27

A. Crushed and Saved Units

In Episode 27, fans are introduced to the Camera Rover and its fate contrasts for the two units present. While one Camera Rover is tragically crushed by a Skibidi Toilet, the other, known as the POV Rover, is rescued by a Cameraman, further demonstrating the precarious nature of these compact reconnaissance devices.

III. Trivia

A. Second Spy-Type Cameraman

The Camera Rover is the second type of Cameraman in the series utilized for spying. The first of such devices is the more robust Camera Toilet.

B. Sentience or Remote Control?

It remains unclear whether the Camera Rover is sentient or remote controlled, akin to the Helicopter Speaker. Future episodes may provide additional clarity on this aspect.

C. Smallest Cameraman Unit

As the smallest Cameraman within the series, the Camera Rover represents an inventive approach to surveillance, prioritizing mobility and discretion over size.

Camera Truck

Throughout the Skibidi Toilet series, numerous intriguing items and vehicles are introduced that capture viewers' attention. Among these creations is the Camera Truck, which serves as a support and transportation vehicle for the Cameramen.

I. Design and Appearance

A. Blending In

The Camera Truck is a small, armored vehicle with a large camera mounted atop its roof. Resembling a van, the Camera Truck is easily mistaken for a standard vehicle, allowing it to blend into different environments. Its color can vary, providing even greater camouflage and adaptability.

B. Shared Characteristics with Speaker Truck

Notably, the.Camera Truck shares similarities with the Speakermen's Speaker Truck, indicating a potential connection between the two vehicles.

II. Functionality

A. Cameraman Transportation

Primarily, the Camera Truck serves as a medium to transport groups of Cameramen at a faster pace than would otherwise be possible. It provides additional protection, thanks to its armor, ensuring the safe transport of the Cameramen.

B. Defensive Prowess

In Episode 14, the Camera Truck is seen marching alongside Cameramen toward the toilets. This suggests that it might also function as a layer of defense, offering support and protection during combat situations.

C. Mysterious Rooftop Camera

The exact purpose of the rooftop camera remains a mystery. It could be just a decorative feature, or it might serve some other unknown utility.

III. Appearances in Episodes

A. Limited Presence

The Camera Truck appears in Episodes 8, 11, 13, with a final appearance in Episode 14. However, it is assumed to have been destroyed or replaced by a more advanced model since it hasn't been observed in later episodes.

B. Giant Rocket Skibidi Toilet Destruction

In a dramatic turn of events, the Camera Truck is destroyed by the Giant Rocket Skibidi Toilet in Episode 14, marking its exit from the series.

IV. Creation Hypothesis

The Camera Truck was likely designed to improve the transportation efficiency of Cameramen, enabling them to move in groups at a faster pace while ensuring their safety.

Cameraman Dropship

Unique vehicles often play major roles in the Skibidi Toilet universe, and the Cameraman Dropship is no exception. Designed primarily as an aerial transport for the Cameramen, this inventive vehicle has an additional assortment of possible variations, functions, and connections to other units in the series.

I. Design and Appearance

A. Flying Projector Aesthetic

The Cameraman Dropship is designed to resemble a large flying projector without any visible method of propulsion. Its dimensions are approximately 15.5 feet or 4.72 meters in length and 32.4 feet or 9.88 meters in width. This size allows it to transport multiple Cameramen, including Large Cameramen.

B. No Apparent Propulsion Method

The Dropship's unique flying mechanism remains a mystery, enabling it to transport multiple Cameramen with ease.

II. Functionality

A. Aerial Transportation

The primary function of the Cameraman Dropship is to act as an aerial transport for groups of Cameramen, facilitating faster and safer travel over long distances. As seen in Episode 11, a Dropship deploys several Cameramen into a confrontation with the Triple Giant Skibidi Toilet.

B. Possible Variants

There could be a range of different Cameraman Dropship variations, such as smaller or larger versions, bombers, fighters, and more. These variations may have been created by Scientist Cameramen to enhance transportation safety and efficiency.

C. Orbital Satellite Camera Connection

In Episode 17, a vehicle resembling the Cameraman Dropship appears, but it functions more like an orbital strike satellite, obliterating Skibidi Toilets with a powerful blue beam. This may indicate a connection or a variant of the Cameraman Dropship—more specifically, the Orbital Satellite Camera.

III. Theories and Speculations

A. Potential Modifications for Combat

It is possible that Cameraman Dropships may be modified for battle in future episodes, armed with weapons like the laser camera or equipped with technology such as the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler to cure infected Cameramen.

B. Scientist Cameraman Base

The Cameraman Dropship could serve as a mobile laboratory for Scientist Cameramen, who may develop and deploy inventions during emergency situations.

C. Connection to Speakerman Planes

The Cameraman Dropship's design and function might be similar to the Speakerman Plane, with the essential difference being that Dropships are exclusively used by Cameramen rather than their allies, the Speakermen or TV Men.



The Skibidi Toilet series introduces a variety of intriguing items and technologies to assist its characters in a diverse range of situations. One of these items is the Headphones, a protective utility designed to shield users from harmful loud noises.

I. Background

A. The Alliance's Tool

Introduced in Episode 25, the Headphones are employed by The Alliance to safeguard against the potential dangers associated with loud noises.

B. Usage by Skibidi Toilets

In Episode 57, the Gman skibidi toilet 3.0 also uses the Headphones to protect itself against Cinemaman, highlighting its dual-purpose functionality.

II. Uses

A. Protection Against Loud Noises

The primary function of the Headphones is to provide protection against loud noises. In Episode 25, the POV character receives a pair of Headphones, which they're instructed to wear to avoid the harmful effects of a Strider Speaker's loud music during a battle with Skibidi Toilets.

B. Defense Against Hypnosis Abilities

Similar to the Lens provided by the TV Men to the Cameramen for protection against their hypnosis abilities, the Headphones offer an additional layer of defense.

C. Safeguard Against Cinemaman's Speakers

As seen with the Gman skibidi toilet 3.0 in Episode 57, the Headphones are also effective in shielding against any possible sonic attacks from Cinemaman's speakers.

III. Effectiveness

The Headphones prove to be highly effective in the Skibidi Toilet series. In Episode 25, their use results in the unharmed survival of the POV character and others wearing the protective gear. Simultaneously, the loud music from the Strider Speaker devastates the incoming wave of Skibidi Toilets that lack the Headphones, demonstrating the device's potency.

Heavy Duty Vision Goggles

The Skibidi Toilet series features an array of inventive items that serve various critical functions. Among them, the Heavy Duty Vision Goggles (HDVG) are an upgraded and more durable variant of the Sunglasses, designed to provide enhanced protection for heavily modified Skibidi Toilets.

I. Background

A. Creation by Scientist Skibidi Toilet

The scientist Skibidi Toilet likely created the HDVG in response to the fragility and shortcomings of the Sunglasses and the failure of the Vacuum Skibidi Toilet. The HDVG was designed to resist TV Men's abilities more effectively while also being harder to counter.

B. The Need for an Improved Variant

The easily breakable Sunglasses and the impracticality of drilling screws into the ears of Skibidi Toilets made the development of a more viable and safer alternative necessary.

II. Description

A. Appearance and Durability

The HDVG resembles a range of visuals, from makeshift night vision goggles and VR headsets to welding masks. The designs vary from one Skibidi Toilet to another. However, they generally appear more heavily armored and robust than the Sunglasses.

B. Common Accessory for Buzz Saw-Equipped Skibidi Toilets

Skibidi Toilets with buzz saws in their arsenal frequently employ the HDVG as an essential accessory, though most have perished before effectively using them.

III. Variants and Users

The HDVG comes in several versions, including:

  • Buzzsaw Spider Skibidi Toilet
  • Flying Dual Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet
  • Large Flying Teleporter Skibidi Toilet
  • Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet (Welder Mask Variant)

These goggles are worn by:

  • Flying Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet
  • Buzzsaw Spider Skibidi Toilet
  • Flying Dual Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet
  • Large Flying Teleporter Skibidi Toilet
  • Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet

IV. Trivia

Despite providing protection against TV Men's hypnosis rays, the HDVG is still vulnerable to being easily removed from its user. This was seen in Episode 57 when the Titan Cameraman effortlessly tore off the HDVG from the Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet.


Jetpacks are versatile devices that enable users to take to the skies and quickly traverse distances. Their usage ranges from escaping challenging situations to chasing down adversaries. In the Skibidi Toilet series, jetpacks are found across various characters, significantly enhancing their mobility and capabilities.

I. Functionality

A. Standard Flying and Mid Boost

Jetpacks are mainly utilized for standard airborne travel or as a mid-flight boost, allowing for remarkable speed and maneuverability.

B. Titan Jetpacks

Titan Jetpacks, employed by Titan Cameraman, Titan Speakerman, and Cinemaman, are powerful variants of the standard jetpack. While functionally similar, Cinemaman's jetpack features a larger thruster, better suited for combat and teleportation-assisted travel.

II. Users

Jetpacks have been utilized by multiple characters in the Skibidi Toilet series, including:

Titan Cameraman (Episodes 19-20)

Titan Speakerman (Episodes 26, 32, 44-47, 56-57)

Cinemaman (Episodes 44-45)

Upgraded G-Man Skibidi Toilet (Episode 38)

Flying Dual Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet (Episode 47)

Jetpack Skibidi Toilet (Episode 39)

Upgraded Titan Cameraman (Episode 50)

Black Cameraman (Episode 52)

Giant Mafia Skibidi Toilet (Episode 28)

III. Trivia

A. Speed Comparison

Titan Speakerman is faster than Titan Cameraman or Titan TV Man/Cinemaman due to its slim build, allowing for greater speed. However, the Upgraded Titan Cameraman's enhanced jetpack likely grants even higher speeds.

B. Titan TV Man's Thruster

Titan TV Man's thruster is primarily designed for battle rather than transportation, given the TV Men's innate teleportation ability.



The Knife in the Skibidi Toilet series is a weapon that appeared in four episodes. It resembles a real-life knife, and there is even a larger variant used by the Infected Titan Speakerman. The weapon has proven to be effective for incapacitating and dispatching enemies within the series.

I. Weapon Appearances

A. Skibidi Toilet 4

In the opening of Skibidi Toilet 4, a character used a knife to cut his poop.

B. Skibidi Toilet 37

In Skibidi Toilet 37, a Large Speakerman wielded a knife to incapacitate a Mutant Skibidi Toilet that attacked his comrade. Once paralyzed, other Large Speakermen delivered the finishing blows.

C. Skibidi Toilet 47

In Skibidi Toilet 47, the Infected Titan Speakerman used a knife to damage Titan TV Man's screen significantly, hindering the latter's primary ability.

D. Skibidi Toilet 56

A TV man in Skibidi Toilet 56 used a knife to eliminate two Medium Glass Toilets while they were paralyzed by his light.

II. Trivia

A. Effectiveness

Knives have proven effective in incapacitating enemies in various episodes, such as when Infected Titan Speakerman shattered Cinemaman's screen by stabbing him in the face.

B. Prevalence of Blades

Various Skibidi Toilets wield blades in combat, demonstrating the weapon's popularity in the series.

C. Exclusive Users

Knives are only used by Skibidi Toilets, Speakermen, and TV Men throughout the series.


Large Black Helicopter Speaker

The Large Black Helicopter Speaker is an impactful item within the Skibidi Toilet series, featuring nine sets of four speakers arranged in a square formation. It plays a crucial role in upgrading Titan TV Man to Cinemaman, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities.

I. Uses

A. Upgrading Titan TV Man to Cinemaman

The Large Black Helicopter Speaker is essential in enhancing Titan TV Man's abilities when it transforms into Cinemaman. It amplifies the red light's power and deafening effect, causing significant damage to enemies within its range.

B. Defensive Armor

The Large Black Helicopter Speaker also acts as protective armor, shielding Cinemaman's core from incoming attacks. It significantly reduces the risk of critical damage, rendering G-Man Skibidi Toilet's laser attacks less effective.

II. Trivia

A. Rotor Detachment

Before integrating with Titan TV Man's core, the Large Black Helicopter Speaker's rotor detaches and falls to the ground.

B. Episode 47 Incident

During Episode 47, G-Man Skibidi Toilet's laser attack on Titan TV Man's back resulted in the prompt detachment of the Large Black Helicopter Speaker from its core.

C. Speaker Plane Similarity

The Large Black Helicopter Speaker closely resembles the large speaker found at the front of the Speaker Plane in Episode 24, with the primary exception being the absence of a rotor.


The Lens is a black, circular accessory with a possible polarizing filter that appears in the Skibidi Toilet series. Its primary purpose is to protect Cameramen from the harmful effects of radiation emitted by the TV Men. Despite some limitations, the Lens plays a crucial role in safeguarding characters within the series.

I. Functionality

A. Radiation Protection

The Lens shields Cameramen from the radiation generated by the TV Men, reducing distortions in vision and overall exposure to harmful radiation.

B. Limitations

While the Lens offers considerable protection, it cannot block all radiation. Exposure to large amounts of radiation can still lead to visual distortions, as demonstrated in Episode 41 when POV-Cameraman looked directly at Titan TV Man.

II. Creation

The Lens was likely created by the TV Men, who first gave it to POV-Cameraman in Episode 40. Its purpose was to shield the Cameramen from TV Men's radiation.

III. Theories

A. Reverse Engineering

The Skibidi Toilets may have reverse-engineered the Lens to create Sunglasses, which they subsequently used as protective gear. This theory emerged after Claw Skibidi Toilet stole a Lens from POV-Cameraman in Episode 42.

B. Applicability to Other Cameramen

The Lens might also be useful for other Cameramen in the series, such as the Large Cameraman, though this has yet to be confirmed.

IV. Trivia

A. First Protective Gear

The Lens was the first protective element introduced in the Skibidi Toilet series to shield its user's vision from harm.


Mechanical Hammer

The Mechanical Hammer is a formidable combat weapon wielded by the Titan Cameraman, making its first appearance in Episode 50 of the Skibidi Toilet series. This heavy-duty weapon boasts an amplified rocket booster, giving it the power to deliver crushing blows to its opponents.

I. Feats

A. Skibidi Toilet 50

The Mechanical Hammer debuts in this episode, with the Titan Cameraman using it to crush Giant Dual Blade Skibidi Toilet in just two swings, with the final swing landing the decisive blow.

B. Skibidi Toilet 51

The Titan Cameraman uses the Mechanical Hammer once more to shatter a protective metal shield, demonstrating its strength against defensive barriers.

C. Skibidi Toilet 53

In this episode, Titan Cameraman attempts to crush the Large Flying Teleporter Skibidi Toilet, narrowly missing his target as the toilet manages to evade the attack.

D. Skibidi Toilet 57

The Mechanical Hammer makes another appearance as Titan Cameraman stuns G-Man Skibidi Toilet with his core flame attack, before using the hammer to deliver a damaging blow to the toilet's head.

II. Theories

A. Destruction Speculations

Some fans believe the Mechanical Hammer was destroyed in Episode 57 after G-Toilet 3.0 fired upgraded lasers at Titan Cameraman. However, this theory has been debunked as the hammer is seen intact on Titan Cameraman's back in Episode 58.

B. Fan Inspiration

There is a possibility that the Mechanical Hammer was inspired by a fan suggestion, with one fan proposing the idea of Titan Cameraman wielding a giant plunger to fight Giant Skibidi Toilets with ease.

III. Trivia

A. Attachment

The Mechanical Hammer can be attached to Titan Cameraman's back, as seen throughout its appearances in the series.

B. Fire Propulsion

Similar to Titan Cameraman's core, the Mechanical Hammer can emit a stream of hot blue fire. However, instead of acting as an attack, the fire propels the hammer and amplifies its damage output, making it a formidable weapon against even the largest Skibidi Toilets.


Orbital Satellite Camera

The Orbital Satellite Camera is a powerful weapon in the Skibidi Toilet storyline, featuring a laser cannon aimed to annihilate a large number of Skibidi Toilets in its range. While its propulsion system remains a mystery, the Orbital Satellite Camera's destructive potential is a force to be reckoned with.

I. Functionality

A. Primary Objective

The Orbital Satellite Camera is designed to obliterate numerous Skibidi Toilets within a wide area. Known for its high damage output, its presence stands out and instills fear among its enemies.

B. Episode 17 Anomaly

Despite its destructive capabilities, the Orbital Satellite Camera mysteriously did not manage to eliminate any Skibidi Toilets during a meeting in Episode 17. The reasons behind this incident remain unexplained.

II. Variants

A. Cameraman Dropship

The Cameraman Dropship serves as another vehicle available within the Skibidi Toilet series, adding versatility to the available transportation options.

B. Cameraman Helicopter

The Cameraman Helicopter is yet another alternative in terms of transportation and support, showcasing the variety of tools available to the Cameraman character in the series.

III. Trivia

A. Limited Appearance

Interestingly, the Orbital Satellite Camera has only made one appearance within the Skibidi Toilet storyline, leaving fans to wonder if or when it may make a comeback.


Paralyzer Gun

The Paralyzer Gun is a unique and mysterious defensive weapon within the Skibidi Toilet series, associated with the Camera Mech and responsible for neutralizing the Glitch Skibidi Toilet. Despite its debated appearance, the Paralyzer Gun's usage provides a fascinating dynamic in the storyline by temporarily immobilizing the Skibidi Toilets.

I. Appearance

A. Debated Origin

Since the Camera Mech's attack on the Glitch Skibidi Toilet happened off-screen, the Paralyzer Gun's true appearance remains uncertain. Two possible contenders for the weapon include the device resembling a drum-gun on the mech's upper right arm, or another device looking like a welder attached to the lower left arm.

II. Usage

A. Primary Objective

The Camera Mech employs the Paralyzer Gun to render Skibidi Toilets utterly motionless, neutralizing any potential threat they may pose.

III. Trivia

A. Uncertainty of the Weapon's Location

While it remains unknown which of the Camera Mech's arms houses the Paralyzer Gun, many speculate that the blue energy gun with a drum magazine on the top right arm may be the weapon responsible for firing the paralyzing blue dart.

B. Paralyzer Variants

There seems to be two distinct paralyzing weapons present in the Skibidi Toilet universe, with the Toilet Paralyzer Laser firing an instantaneous, weaker paralyzing beam, and the Paralyzer Gun shooting a dart with a more potent paralyzing effect but a slower delivery and vulnerability to deflection as a solid object.

C. Obsoletion

Following the arrival of the TV Men, the Paralyzer Gun has lost its significance and effectiveness in the storyline.

Paralyzer Laser

The Toilet Paralyzer Laser (TPL) is a unique firearm specifically designed for The Alliance in the Skibidi Toilet series to temporarily immobilize Skibidi Toilets, enabling their safe and effective flushing. First introduced in Episode 53 and utilized in Episode 54, the TPL adds a notable strategic element to the series, making it easier to manage Skibidi Toilets at a moderate range.

I. Appearance

A. Design Inspiration

The Toilet Paralyzer Laser is visually akin to a futuristic, railgun-like weapon often seen in various sci-fi games. Distinctly colored with red and blue components, it is also equipped with a scope for enhanced precision.

II. Trivia

A. Shared Traits with Cameramen Weaponry

The TPL fires a blue beam, which is a common characteristic among the Cameramen's arsenal, including the EPD, Paralyzer Gun, and the Orbital Camera.

B. Origin of the Gun Model

Interestingly, the Toilet Paralyzer Laser Gun's model is borrowed from the highly acclaimed game series, Metal Gear Solid. Contrasting with its purpose in the Skibidi Toilet series, the original version of this model is an exceptionally potent handheld cannon.

Paralyzer Laser Tank

Paralyzer Laser Tanks (PLT) are robust vehicles employed to freeze and paralyze large Skibidi Toilets, such as Giant and Semi-Large Skibidi Toilets. These tanks are similar to Parasite Disabler Laser Tanks but focus on temporarily incapacitating the target rather than actually exterminating parasitic materials. Their appearance in Skibidi Toilet series brings a much-needed strategic element to the episodes, specifically targeting larger threats.

I. Appearance

A. Design Elements

Combining the designs of Parasite Disabler Laser Tanks and Paralyzer Guns, the Paralyzer Laser Tanks are sleeker and more streamlined in comparison to their counterparts.

II. Involvement in the Skibidi Toilet Series

A. Skibidi Toilet Episode 53

In this episode, two Paralyzer Disabler Laser Tanks appear, one of which is an upgraded version. Large Cameramen control these tanks, demonstrating their purpose in neutralizing larger Skibidi Toilets.

B. Skibidi Toilet Episode 55

Two PLTs are seen marching alongside Upgraded PDLTs and Cameramen. Despite Skull Dismantler Skibidi Toilet's destruction of several Cameramen and PDLTs, the PLTs manage to survive and retreat once Titan Cameraman appears.

C. Skibidi Toilet Episode 57

A single PLT attempts to cure Upgraded Titan Speakerman but fails and is ultimately destroyed.

III. Combat and Abilities

A. Stunning Laser Technology

Paralyzer Laser Tanks utilize advanced stunning lasers, most likely made of ions or augmented light, to disable larger Skibidi Toilets, bridging the gap between the Paralyzer Gun and the Parasite Disabler Gun, with a focus on immobilization.

IV. Trivia

A. Survival of PLTs

Following the arrival of Upgraded Titan Cameraman to defeat Skull Dismantler Skibidi Toilet, the two PLTs strategically drive to the side, ensuring their survival for future events.

Parasite Disabler Gun

The Parasite Disabler Gun is a vital tool in the battle against the Parasitic Skibidi Toilets. With its unique design and functionality, this weapon allows The Alliance to free victims from parasitic control, restoring bodily autonomy. The gun's success has led to the development of various larger variants, increasing the weapon's scope and effectiveness.

I. Appearance

A. Color Scheme

The Parasite Disabler Gun features a sleek, light grey and black design, with four glowing cyan pipes extending from its center and connecting to the muzzle.

II. Functionality

A. Neutralizing Parasitic Skibidi Toilets

The gun's primary purpose is to eliminate Parasitic Skibidi Toilets, freeing their victims from unwanted control. Firing a cyan laser, the Parasite Disabler Gun neutralizes impacted parasites, though it has limited effectiveness against larger targets such as the Infected Titan Speakerman or other Skibidi Toilets like Skibidi Man.

III. Creation

A. Origin in Episode 35

The Parasite Disabler Gun first appeared in Episode 35 of the Skibidi Toilet series. Developed by a team of Scientist Cameramen in response to the discovery that Parasitic Skibidi Toilets could be removed and their victims could recover, the weapon was designed to offer a ranged combat solution.

B. Evolution of the Weapon

Due to the Parasite Disabler Gun's limitations, the Parasite Disabler Laser Tank was created, providing a more powerful weapon for disabling larger threats.

IV. Trivia

A. First Handheld Weapon by The Alliance

The Parasite Disabler Gun holds the distinction of being the first handheld weapon ever created by The Alliance, demonstrating their commitment to combating the Parasitic Skibidi Toilet threat.

B. First Ranged Countermeasure

This gun is also the first ranged weapon specifically designed to counter the Parasitic Skibidi Toilets, showcasing the evolving nature of the series and the ever-growing importance of strategic combat.

C. Larger Variants

As the series progresses, larger versions of the Parasite Disabler Gun have been introduced, specifically designed for counteracting larger infected Alliance members, reflecting the ongoing need for improved technology and weaponry.

Parasite Disabler Laser Tank

The Parasite Disabler Laser Tank is a specialized 4x4 vehicle designed to transport and deploy an advanced version of the Parasite Disabler Gun. Manned by a Large Scientist Cameraman, this armored car seeks to overcome the limitations of the handheld Parasite Disabler Gun, particularly when combating larger infectees of the Skibidi Parasite. Its pivotal role exemplifies the series' thematic development and showcases the strategic evolution of The Alliance.

I. Design Features

A. Vehicle Type

The Parasite Disabler Laser Tank is an armed and presumably armored 4x4 car, offering enhanced mobility and improved operator protection compared to other weapon platforms.

B. Weapon System

Featuring an upsized Parasite Disabler Gun, the laser tank fires a slow-moving bright blue beam after a brief windup time, heightening its effectiveness against larger infectees.

II. Functionality

A. Combat Role

Primarily created to counteract the shortcomings of the handheld Parasite Disabler Gun, the laser tank is envisioned as a powerful weapon against larger Skibidi Parasite infectees, such as the Infected Titan Speakerman.

B. Usage Battle, Episode 35

In this battle, the Parasite Disabler Laser Tank engages the Infected Titan Speakerman. However, its devastating beam is intercepted by the G-Man Toilet, leading to the swift destruction of the car itself.

III. Creation

A. Development by Scientist Cameramen

Presumably developed by Scientist Cameramen and Large Scientist Cameraman in response to the Parasite Disabler Gun's limitations, the Parasite Disabler Laser Tank is primarily intended to disinfect the Infected Titan Speakerman.

IV. Variants

A. Related Weapon Systems

  • Parasite Disabler Gun
  • Upgraded Parasite Disabler Laser Tank
  • AA Turret (Possibly)

V. Trivia

A. Game Origin

The vehicle meshes with the appearance of the APC from Half-Life 2, an iconic and recognizable design feature.


The Plunger is a distinctive weapon, frequently employed by the Cameramen in their unrelenting fight against the Skibidi Toilets. Not only does the plunger have practical applications, but it also serves as a symbol of the Cameramen's resourcefulness and determination. Throughout the series, the plunger has made multiple appearances, often playing a crucial role in various episodes.

I. Appearances and Utilization

A. Episode 32

The Plunger makes its debut in Episode 32, where a Cameraman employs it to drain a basic Skibidi Toilet head. Unfortunately, the Cameraman is decapitated by an Infected Large Cameraman in the same episode.

B. Episode 39

In this episode, a Cameraman utilizes a plunger to obscure a toilet's vision, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to attacks.

C. Episode 40 and Subsequent Episodes

Episode 40: An available plunger is located on the ground before being procured by the POV-Cameraman.

Episode 43: A Black Cameraman prepares for action with a plunger positioned nearby, relaxing on a toilet before he grabs it following the departure of the TV Men.

Episode 45: The Black Cameraman hides, plunger in tow.

Episode 48: The same Black Cameraman, now wielding dual plungers, skillfully dismantles a Glass Skibidi Toilet Convoy.

Episode 50: As the Black Cameraman faces an invading fleet of powerful Skibidi Toilets inside the Hidden Laboratory, he brandishes his dual plungers just as he did in Episode 48.

Episode 52: Black Cameraman uses his plunger to save the POV cameraman from an incoming toilet.

D. Episode 57, Part 1

In a climactic sequence, Jetpack Black Cameraman wields the plunger in an attempt to eradicate the Parasitic Skibidi Toilets from Titan Speakerman. When cornered by the titan, the Cameraman hurls his plunger at him, but it only angers the titan, who subsequently crushes and tosses the Cameraman, fatally injuring him.


Regular Helicopter

The Regular Helicopter represents a significant human element in the Skibidi Toilet series, alluding to the potential involvement of the military in its ongoing struggles. Although information is sparse regarding the helicopter, its infrequent appearances in episodes 3 and 5 pique curiosity and prompt speculation about the aircraft's origin and purpose.

I. Appearances

A. Episode Descriptions

Episode 3: The Regular Helicopter flies above the Giant Skibidi Toilet, surveying the scene and assessing the situation from a distance.
Episode 5: Observing the Flying Skibidi Toilet from a height, the helicopter maintains its reconnaissance efforts, once again demonstrating its peripheral presence.

II. Key Characteristics

A. Human-Operated Vehicle

As opposed to many Skibidi Toilet creations, the Regular Helicopter is an unmistakably human-built and human-controlled aircraft, indicating the possible involvement of military forces, if not other organizations.

B. Attack Helicopter

The aircraft's military-grade appearance suggests that it is an attack helicopter, likely intended for use in combat or other high-stakes circumstances. However, this information remains unconfirmed, leaving its exact purpose open to interpretation.

III. Trivia

A. Military Connection

The helicopter is likely managed and controlled by a Military Soldier, although this detail remains unverified.
Owing to its strategic positioning and design, the Regular Helicopter's status as a military weapon seems highly plausible but awaits definitive confirmation.


Speaker Truck

The Speaker Truck, a unique vehicle making its first appearance in Episode 24 of the Skibidi Toilet series, serves to support the Speakermen and other members of the resistance in their ongoing battle. Equipped with powerful speakers, the Speaker Truck is a versatile and intimidating asset in the face of Skibidi Toilets.

I. Appearance and Design

A. Similarity to the Camera Truck

The Speaker Truck shares design characteristics with the Camera Truck, suggesting a common origin and purpose, possibly as part of a coordinated effort in the struggle against Skibidi Toilets.

B. Large Black Helicopter Speaker Influence

The speakers adorning the Speaker Truck closely resemble those seen on the Large Black Helicopter Speaker. This parallel implies a shared purpose: the utilization of powerful audio capabilities to aid in combat, strategy, or communication.

II. Role and Tactics

A. Association with Speakermen and Helicopter Speakers

The Speaker Truck is often seen accompanying Speakermen or positioned near Helicopter Speakers, suggesting a cooperative role in the broader resistance effort.

B. Potential Strategical Use

As the Speaker Truck possesses substantial audio power, there is speculation that the vehicle could be employed offensively to ward off or damage Skibidi Toilets, inspired by the Strider Speaker's capabilities.

III. Trivia

A. Skibidi Toilet Defense Mechanism

The Speaker Truck's sound-based tactics may give it the unique capacity to effectively repel or harm Skibidi Toilets, much like the Strider Speaker.

Speakermen Carrier

The Speakermen Carrier, alternatively known as the Speakerman Plane, serves as a unique form of air transportation designed for the exclusive use of the Speakermen. Debuting in Episode 24 alongside the Speakermen's alliance formation, the Speakermen Carrier presents a specialized vehicle utilized in the battle against the Skibidi Toilets. Though limited in screen time, its striking design and assumed functionalities demand further exploration.

I. Appearance and Design

A. Aircraft-like Structure

The Speakermen Carrier appears as a large aircraft-type vehicle, composed almost entirely of speakers. Its design includes two elongated speakers attached to the sides of a cuboid-like central structure, with a massive boombox positioned at the front, giving the craft a plane-like appearance.

B. Antenna Feature

An intriguing element of the Speakermen Carrier is an antennae-like structure at the front of the vehicle. Its purpose remains unknown, adding an air of mystery and potential versatility to the aircraft.

C. Propulsion Method

Similar to the Cameraman Dropship, the Speakermen Carrier lacks visible propulsion means, flying in an enigmatic and seemingly self-sustained manner.

II. Functionality and Role

A. Music Generation

The Speakermen Carrier is believed to operate analogously to the Helicopter Speaker, producing music as it flies, although its precise role in the series remains uncertain due to its limited appearance.

B. Potential Relationship to Armored Titan TV Man

Notably, the front design of the Speakermen Carrier closely resembles the central armor of the Armored Titan TV Man (also known as the Large Black Helicopter Speaker), hinting at a possible connection between the two creations. The exact nature of this connection remains speculative, leaving room for further exploration and development in future episodes.

III. Trivia

The Speakermen Carrier is also known as the Speakerman Plane.

Stun Baton

The Stun Baton, reminiscent of real-life stun batons, is a versatile and effective weapon introduced in the Skibidi Toilet series. Designed to temporarily incapacitate its target, the Stun Baton has proven instrumental in facilitating the elimination of Skibidi Toilets.

I. Appearance and Components

A. Metal Framework

Constructed from a gray metal, the Stun Baton's design emphasizes durability and functionality, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of intense combat situations.

B. Electrical Device

The Stun Baton features a small electrical device attached to its tip that generates an incapacitating charge when activated. This charge is powerful enough to temporarily paralyze Skibidi Toilets, providing Speakermen and their allies a strategic advantage in battle.

II. Role and Tactics

A. Episode 54: The Spider Skibidi Toilet Encounter

In Episode 54, a Large Cameraman used a Stun Baton to effectively neutralize a Spider Skibidi Toilet. He threw the weapon off-screen, striking and paralyzing the Toilet as it perched on a low rooftop. In this weakened state, the Toilet was flushed with ease, demonstrating the Stun Baton's tactical capabilities.

III. Trivia

A. Half-Life 2 Origins

The Stun Baton's design and use can be traced back to the popular video game Half-Life 2, where it specified as a weapon used by the guards.


Sunglasses are an essential protective tool employed by the Skibidi Toilets to resist the hypnosis effects triggered by TV Man. Capable of countering even the more potent light produced by Polycephaly in Episode 43, these glasses play a vital role in safeguarding the Toilets. First introduced in Episode 17, they contribute to the ongoing battle between the various factions within the Skibidi Toilet universe.

I. Appearance and Design

A. General Structure

Sunglasses in the Skibidi Toilet series resemble standard glasses, offering protection against light with their dark lenses. Their size may vary to accommodate different Skibidi Toilet sizes, ensuring optimal fit and effectiveness.

II. Origins and First Appearance

A. Episode 17 Debut

Sunglasses made their first appearance in Episode 17, when a Helicopter Skibidi Toilet can be seen donning them.

B. Scientist Skibidi Toilet's Contribution

It is believed that the Scientist Skibidi Toilet crafted the Sunglasses using a lens stolen from the POV-Cameraman by Claw Skibidi Toilet in Episode 42.

III. Aliases

The Sunglasses go by several additional names, including:

  • Black Glasses
  • Shades
  • Protective Glasses
  • Eye Protector

IV. Weaknesses and Countermeasures

A. Breakability

The sunglasses' durability has been called into question, evidenced by their vulnerability to strong punches, as shown in Episode 44 when a Titan TV Man managed to break them.

B. Cinemaman Combo Attack

Sunglasses also struggle against the more potent ability of the Cinemaman, whose combination of the THX sound produced by the Titan TV Man and an amplified sound from the Upgrade Helicopter Speaker can shatter these glasses in Episode 44.

V. Upgrades and Variations

A. Yellow Glasses

First introduced in Episode 49, Yellow Glasses offer an enhanced level of protection for G-Toilets, serving as a significant upgrade.

B. Heavy Duty Vision Goggles

These alternative goggles provide added protection for heavily modified Skibidi Toilets. First introduced in Episode 47, Heavy Duty Vision Goggles are yet another step in the evolution of protective eyewear for the Skibidi Toilets.



The Tablet in the Skibidi Toilet series is an essential piece of technology which first appears in Episode 16. Its primary purpose is to allow the user to monitor footage from the CCTV Toilets, providing a surveillance tool to oversee the activities and whereabouts of other toilets. The Tablet has been instrumental in several episodes, facilitating communication and strategic decision-making among the characters.

I. Appearances and Functions

A. Skibidi Toilet 16

Surveillance and Intrigue
In Skibidi Toilet 16, the Tablet is used to access live footage from the CCTV Toilet, revealing the inside of a secretive Skibidi Toilet lab. This discovery generates suspicion among the toilets, ultimately leading to drastic actions and the destruction of the CCTV Toilet.

Loss of Signal
The Tablet's connection to the CCTV Toilet is severed when the latter is destroyed, emphasizing the device's dependence on a functional network and the vulnerability of surveillance technology in the Skibidi Toilet universe.

B. Skibidi Toilet 56

Tank Destruction Indication
The Tablet plays a crucial role in Skibidi Toilet 56 by signaling the destruction of a tank. This event highlights its utility beyond mere surveillance, as a communication device for important information.

Viewer Identity
The Tablet’s display, which reads "CAMERAMAN_1247," implies that the user accessing the device is an Upgraded Titan Cameraman or a Camera Helicopter. This suggests that the tablet can be wielded by a range of characters for various purposes.

II. Significance in the Skibidi Toilet Universe

A. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

The Tablet's ability to provide real-time footage and vital information enables toilets to communicate and collaborate more effectively, furthering their strategic goals.

B. Vulnerabilities

Despite its versatility and practicality, the Tablet is not immune to the challenges that arise from network dependence and the destruction of connected technology, such as the CCTV Toilet. These vulnerabilities serve as a reminder of the fragile nature of communication channels in high-stakes environments.

Toilet Car

The Toilet Car is a unique and modified Normal Skibidi Toilet designed to outrun any other vehicle in the Skibidi Toilet series. Driven by a random Normal Speakerman, this highly adapted Toilet Car is seen in just one episode of the series. Within that episode, it plays a crucial part in luring multiple Skibidi Toilets to their demise at the hands of a powerful Speaker Strider.

I. Appearance and Description

A. General Design

The Toilet Car is a flushed Normal Skibidi Toilet transformed into a high-speed vehicle. Its exterior maintains much of the typical Skibidi Toilet's appearance but is believed to have concealed wheels underneath.

B. Episode 25 Appearance

Episode 25 is the Toilet Car's sole appearance thus far, where it is driven by a Normal Speakerman clad in a black suit, red tie, and black pants. He also wears headphones to protect himself from the deadly soundwave attack set to be unleashed by the Speaker Strider.

II. Role in Episode 25

A. Outrunning Other Vehicles

The Toilet Car's unparalleled speed allows it to easily outpace any other vehicle in the Skibidi Toilet series, an attribute essential to its role in Episode 25.

B. Luring Skibidi Toilets to Their Demise

The Toilet Car is utilized to drive past a group of Skibidi Toilets and lure them into a well-planned trap set up by the driver's fellow Speakermen. As they follow the Toilet Car, they are drawn directly into the path of a Speaker Strider, which proceeds to annihilate them using its powerful soundwaves.

C. Driver's Preparedness

The clever planning and preparedness exhibited by the Normal Speakerman driving the Toilet Car demonstrate the importance of strategy and self-preservation in the Skibidi Toilet series.



Vehicles play a vital role in the Skibidi Toilet universe, providing mobility, combat capabilities, and transportation for various characters and factions. In this context, a 'vehicle' refers to any object that can be piloted or used by a hardware-head, toilet, or any other entity. We give a classification of the vehicles of the humans, alliances, and skybids found in the series, and describe their functions and uses.

I. Human Vehicles

Within the Skibidi Toilet universe, human vehicles come in a variety of forms and are often used for defense or transportation purposes.

A. M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

First seen in Episode 5, this powerful tank provides fire support and is an imposing force on the battlefield.

B. Sikorsky Sea Stallion

A versatile and durable transport helicopter used for various operations.

C. Regular helicopter

A common sight throughout the series, regular helicopters provide air support and mobility for human troops.

D. Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge (AVLB)

This specialized vehicle allows for the deployment of bridges in the field, facilitating troop movement and transportation of heavy equipment.

II. Alliance Vehicles

Alliance vehicles serve crucial roles for the main alliance faction, providing combat support and utility.

A. Tanks

Paralyzer Laser Tank
Equipped with a powerful laser weapon, this tank can paralyze enemy forces, rendering them immobile and vulnerable.

Parasite Disabler Laser Tank
A specialized tank that can disable parasites afflicting friendly forces.

B. Exoskeletons

Camera Mech
An advanced exoskeleton, allowing the user to navigate challenging environments and provide surveillance capabilities.

C. Helicopters

Large Black Helicopter Speaker
A massive helicopter carrying large speakers used for broadcasting soundwave attacks as a powerful offensive weapon.

Black Helicopter Speaker
A smaller helicopter, also equipped with speakers for soundwave-based attacks.

D. Other Aircraft

Cameramen Dropship
A transport aircraft designed to deliver cameramen personnel to the battlefield.

Orbital Camera (Debatable)
An orbital platform for advanced surveillance and intelligence-gathering purposes.

Speakermen Carrier
A carrier craft used for transporting Speakermen forces.

E. Ground Vehicles

Speaker Truck
A truck outfitted with speakers for mobile soundwave attacks.

Camera Truck
A vehicle equipped with surveillance equipment for monitoring and acquiring intelligence.

Toilet Car (Debatable)
A modified Skibidi Toilet that serves as a high-speed escape vehicle, used in Episode 25 to lure multiple Skibidi Toilets into a trap.

III. Skibidi Vehicles

The Skibidi Toilets do not typically use vehicles in the conventional sense. However, they have their own unique transportation method.

A. Giant Flying Spawner Skibidi Toilet

Functioning similarly to a carrier, this massive Skibidi Toilet can transport and deploy other Skibidi Toilets.


In Skibidi War, players have access to a variety of weapons to battle their adversaries. Three weapons can be used, with two of them requiring paid access. This article outlines the details and characteristics of these weapons: the AK-47, the SMG, and the Sawed-off Shotgun.

I. The AK-47

The AK-47

An iconic firearm, the AK-47 is adapted in Skibidi War, featuring distinct modifications from the real-life counterpart.

A. Customizations

Attached scope: Enhances aiming and target acquisition.
Grip: Improves handling and stability while shooting.
Flashlight (unconfirmed): Could potentially provide increased visibility in low-light situations.

B. AK-47 stats

Bullet range: With an estimated 90% range, the AK-47 provides substantial reach on the virtual battlefield.
Damage: Deals moderate damage at 25%.
Bullet speed: With a 75% rating, the AK-47's bullets travel at a brisk pace.



The SMG is a compact, rapid-fire weapon resembling the German Heckler and Koch MP5. It requires the purchase of the Premium Bundle (4.99 USD) for in-game use.

A. SMG Stats

The statistics for the SMG are a work in progress (WIP) and not yet available at the time of this writing.

III. Sawed-off Shotgun

Sawed-off Shotgun

The Sawed-off Shotgun is designed similarly to its real-life version, with a shortened barrel for a more compact form. Like the SMG, players need to purchase the Premium Bundle (4.99 USD) to access this weapon in Skibidi War.

A. Sawed-off Shotgun Stats

The statistics for the Sawed-off Shotgun are also a work in progress (WIP) and will be released at a later date.


Yellow Glasses

The Yellow Glasses are an essential and valuable tool in the Skibidi Toilet universe. Primarily utilized by the G-Man Skibidi Toilet, these protective eyewear are designed to counter the effects of light emitted by various types of TV Men. This article explores the origin, functions, and characteristics of the Yellow Glasses in the Skibidi Toilet series.

I. Origin and Appearance

A. Upgraded Version

The Yellow Glasses represent an enhanced iteration of the regular sunglasses worn by Glass Skibidi Toilets. Scientist Skibidi Toilet likely developed these specialized glasses after studying the radiation emitted by Titan TV Man/Cinemaman.

B. First Appearance

The G-Man Skibidi Toilet first wore the Yellow Glasses in Episode 49, where it successfully served its purpose.

C. Description

The Yellow Glasses are facial accessories worn by the G-Man Skibidi Toilet in both its 2.1 and 3.0 forms. Resembling typical sunglasses, they differ by having larger yellow lenses.

II. Functions and Characteristics

A. Protective Tool

The primary purpose of the Yellow Glasses is to guard against harmful light emissions from various TV Men, including the powerful Titan TV Man/Cinemaman. It remains uncertain whether they can resist the light from TV Woman.

B. Durability and Indestructibility

Compared to their predecessor, the regular sunglasses, the Yellow Glasses boast enhanced resilience, potentially being indestructible or significantly more robust.

III. Weaknesses and Usage

A. Weak Spots

To date, no evident weaknesses or vulnerabilities have been identified in the Yellow Glasses.

B. Users

Thus far, only the G-Man Skibidi Toilet has utilized the Yellow Glasses.

IV. Related Variants and Aliases

A. Parent/Related Variants

  • Sunglasses
  • Lens
  • Heavy Display Vision Goggles

B. Aliases

  • Radical Glasses
  • Surfing Glasses
  • Upgraded Sun Glasses
  • Improved Sun Glasses
  • Impervious Glasses
  • Work Glasses

V. Trivia

The inception of the Yellow Glasses stems from Cinemaman's radiation damage to G-Man Skibidi Toilet's eyes, as demonstrated in Skibidi Toilet 47. Notably, the glasses are sturdy enough to withstand G-Man Skibidi Toilet's lasers without melting.

The Weapons

The weapons used in Skibidi Toilet are unlike anything seen before. From handheld blasters that shoot electrically charged projectiles to plasma swords that generate superheated plasma energy, the weapons used by the characters are highly advanced and unique.

Protective Gear

The protective gear worn by the characters in Skibidi Toilet is designed to be both effective and stylish. Stealth suits are made from advanced materials that make the characters nearly invisible, while armor is designed to deflect or reduce the impact of physical or energy-based attacks.


One of the most exciting parts of the series is the equipment used by the characters. The grapple gun allows characters to navigate through the cityscape with ease, while the teleporter enables characters to move instantly from one place to another, creating endless opportunities for exciting storylines and battles.

Other Items

In addition to weapons, gear, and equipment, there are other items used in Skibidi Toilet that make the series even more immersive. The holographic communicator, for example, allows characters to communicate over long distances, while the jammer can block signals in a designated area, making any technology in range inoperable.

Impact on World-Building

The items used in Skibidi Toilet play an important role in world-building. The creators of the show have designed these items to be highly interconnected, often forming complex relationships that contribute to the overall narrative of the series.

The Creator’s Contributions

Many of the items used in Skibidi Toilet were designed by the show’s creator. This creator enjoys synthesizing traditional and futuristic elements to create a unique and entertaining setting.

The weapons, items, gear, and equipment used in Skibidi Toilet are an essential part of the series, contributing to its compelling storyline, engaging characters, and overall appeal.

From Laser Mousers and Tire Irons to Riot Gear and Holographic Communicators, these items showcase the creativity and resourcefulness of the creators and offer endless possibilities for future adventures and battles.