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The Strider Camera - Forgotten Weapon of Skibidi Toilets

In the bizarre and chaotic world of Skibidi Toilets, where cameramen and their peculiar creations roam freely, one peculiar contraption stands out – the Strider Camera. A variant of the Cameraman, alongside its counterparts, the Camera Rover and Camera Toilet, the Strider Camera once played a significant role in the series.

However, as time has passed, it seems to have fallen into obscurity, making its last appearance in Episode 32. We delve into the combat abilities and peculiarities of the Strider Camera.

Combat capabilities of the Strider camera

The Strider Camera, classified as a strider-type creature/vehicle, shares some characteristics with its toilet counterpart, the Strider Skibidi Toilet. It is believed to possess the ability to climb buildings, similar to the Strider Skibidi Toilet.

However, this capability has never been explicitly demonstrated in the series, leaving us to speculate about its climbing prowess.


One of the Strider Camera’s most distinguishing features is its mounted automatic cannon, the specifics of which remain shrouded in mystery. This cannon fires distinctive blue explosive ammunition at an astonishingly rapid rate.

One of the Strider Camera's most distinguishing features is its mounted automatic cannon

However, despite its impressive fire rate, the Strider Camera’s accuracy leaves much to be desired, especially at long ranges. There have been instances, notably in Episode 13, where it was seen engaging airborne Toilets. This has raised questions about its effectiveness in combating Skibidi Toilets.

It’s unclear whether the Strider Camera can fully destroy them or merely suppress and stun them. Nevertheless, due to its frequent deployment, it is presumed to be effective against lower-class Skibidi Toilets.

it's unclear whether the Strider Camera can fully destroy

The Strider Camera’s cannon is easily recognizable by its blue tracers and wide shot spread, which allows for a broad angle of traverse and elevation. However, its effectiveness diminishes against larger Skibidi Toilet variants, and it remains vulnerable to enemy lasers or missiles.


In terms of defense, the Strider Camera doesn’t appear significantly more durable than Cameramen infantry and cannot withstand their projectile attacks.

Strider Camera doesn't appear significantly more durable than Cameramen infantry

However, it is speculated that the strider’s legs could be employed to subdue smaller versions of Skibidi Toilets by piercing through their main bodies.


some interesting tidbits about the Strider Camera

Here are some interesting tidbits about the Strider Camera:

  • The Strider Camera’s legs bear a striking resemblance to the Half-Life-2 Strider, particularly the design of its bottom cannon.
  • It is possible that the Strider Camera shares similarities with other Strider variants, such as the Strider Speaker and Strider Skibidi Toilet.
  • Surprisingly, the Strider Cameras have never been shown infected by a Parasitic Skibidi Toilet throughout the series.
  • There are two plausible explanations: either all Strider Cameras are non-living vehicles piloted by a Cameraman, or they possess an innate immunity to infection. As of now, nothing has been officially confirmed.

The First of Its Kind

An intriguing fact about the Strider Camera is that it was the first Strider to make its appearance in the series. This historical detail suggests that the Skibidi Toilets might have borrowed the legs of the first deceased Strider to create their own bizarre variants.

Strider Camera may have faded into relative obscurity within the Skibidi Toilet series

In conclusion, while the Strider Camera may have faded into relative obscurity within the Skibidi Toilet series, its unique design and weaponry continue to pique the curiosity of fans. Its role in the world of Skibidi Toilets, along with its mysterious abilities, add an extra layer of intrigue to an already eccentric universe.

As we await further developments in the series, we can’t help but wonder if the Strider Camera will make a triumphant return, bringing its explosive blue cannon back into action.