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TV Men: Mysterious Allies in the "Skibidi Toilet" Series

TV Men are a formidable army of Hardware Heads that make their initial cameo appearances in Episodes 3438 of the “Skibidi Toilet” series before fully debuting in Episode 39.

These enigmatic yet terrifying characters play a crucial role in assisting Cameramen and Speakermen by emitting psychological beams from their screens to attack and distract the Skibidi Toilets. They are also notable as the first characters from the alliance who can speak and have unique abilities, making them a valuable asset to the alliance’s efforts.


TV Men are known for projecting powerful lights that appear to have psychological effects

TV Men are known for projecting powerful lights that appear to have psychological effects. The basic variants can stun Skibidi Toilets in apparent horror, although this doesn’t affect Cameramen or other fighters, even when exposed to the beams. Moreover, they can induce hijacked Cameramen to stop and remove their parasites, as well as instigate the parasites to fight each other.

For transportation, TV Men employ teleportation, manifesting in puffs of black smoke. This teleportation serves not only for rapid movement but also to rescue other members of The Alliance when the battle takes an unfavorable turn.


TV Men come in various forms, including:

  1. TV Man
  2. Normal TV Man
  3. TV Woman
  4. Large TV Man
  5. Titan TV Man/Cinemaman


The first hints of TV Men appear in Episode 34 and continue through Episode 37. Although Episode 35 doesn’t clearly show a TV Man, a square-like object resembling one is seen to the left of the POV-Cameraman as they evade danger by fleeing into an alleyway.

The first full appearance of a TV Man occurs in Episode 39, where they assist Cameramen in defeating the Skibidi Toilets. Larger variants and the Titan TV Man are introduced in subsequent episodes.


EmoticonsMeaningEpisodeUsed by
;)Zealous3943Normal TV Man
c:Enthusiasm40Normal TV Man
:3Hearty41Titan TV Man
>:(Angry44Titan TV Man
-_-Disappointment45Titan TV Man
ÙwÚSatisfaction of superiority46Titan TV Man
>w<Cute excitement495457TV Woman
ÒwóShocked and surprised54TV Woman
–_–Helpless56Normal TV Man


TV Men are an integral part of The Alliance, working in conjunction with Cameramen and Speakermen to combat the Skibidi Toilets.

TV Men are an integral part of The Alliance


Several theories surround the TV Men’s role and nature in the series:

  • TV Men may not have joined the war immediately to prepare their armies, develop their own Titan, or assess potential losses.
  • There is a possibility of collaboration between Titan Cameraman and Titan TV Man against Titan Speakerman and G-Toilet 2.0 to cure Titan Speakerman.
  • The Skibidi Toilets might have encountered TV Men in the past, as an entire Skibidi Toilet army was terrified at the mere sight of one TV Man in Episode 39.
  • Some theories suggest that TV Men might have opportunistic or even malevolent motives.
  • TV Men could have delayed their appearance to gather information about the Skibidi Toilets before engaging in battle.


  • TV Men can display emoticons to express emotions.
  • They have specialized abilities and roles, with different variants having unique capabilities.
  • TV Men are the third faction to join The Alliance, following Cameramen and Speakermen.
  • The TV Men are the only characters in the Skibidi Toilet series who can speak coherent and understandable words.
  • Their dialogue has taken on a meme-like quality, with quotes like “you had one job” and “press F to pay respects.”
  • A TV Man briefly appeared in the music video “Blugray – Demand,” although its appearance differs from the canonical TV Men in the series.

TV Men bring an intriguing and dynamic dimension to the “Skibidi Toilet” series, contributing their unique abilities and mysterious nature to the ongoing battle against the Skibidi Toilets.

TV Men bring an intriguing and dynamic dimension to the "Skibidi Toilet" series

As allies of The Alliance, they play a crucial role in the unfolding storyline and continue to be a source of fascination for fans of the series.